Summer Time = Writing Time

Summer is in full gear, and now that I’m mostly done traveling, I’m taking advantage of the time to work on a few projects. I currently have more ideas than I have time to write and several started manuscripts to work on. Currently, I am working on editing and revising a adult holiday contemporary romance which I hope to release this holiday season under a different name. While I love using my name, since I am also a full time elementary teacher, the best decision for me to release anything above young adult, is to use a different name. But don’t worry, my dedicated readers, I will share it when I have everything ready to go!

The other project I’d like to write more on this summer is the next installment in the Fae Realm series. I think it will most likely be a novella (although the last time I said that was while I when I started writing Sacrifice, and that turned into my longest book yet…lol). It will feature a few of some fan favorites from books 2-5 including a certain Seelie king, but that’s all I’m willing to say now. I am proud to say that his story will involve another Fae male we are familiar with and I’m so excited to have more LBGTQIA representation in my books. I’m a firm believer in LOVE IS LOVE, and so are the Fae. So, happy pride month, babes, and I hope to be able to share Lachlan’s story with you soon! Stay tuned for updates. 馃槉

Sending you a little love during my trip to the Dominican Republic

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