Return To Fae

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Return to Fae is the sequel to Ianthe, and begins right after the events of the first book.

Ianthe, convinced that she may be forever separated from Conall, tries to leave her Fae roots behind. At the start of her senior year, she befriends a new girl who becomes like the sister Ianthe never had. All seems to be going well until Ianthe discovers that someone close has a vendetta, leaving her with no choice but to return to the one place she was told to never go.

Meanwhile Conall is desperate to be reunited with Ianthe, but his orders are clear: he is not to go after her, and he follows orders, until Ianthe makes a decision that he just can’t ignore. As peace between the Seelie and Unseelie Fae hangs in the balance, Conall knows he will have to defy his king in order to save the girl he loves.

This listing is for an autographed, paperback edition from the author.

*Author’s Note: This book is the original book 2 of the of the Fae Realm series. It has since been reprinted and retitled, Exile. The later edition features some new content, as well as the book has been re-edited. Please make sure the evolved title, EXILE is not already in your library before purchasing!

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8 reviews for Return To Fae

  1. Ashley

    This book was much better than the first. I truly feel like this author is coming into her craft and honing it. I really enjoyed it.

  2. Nadia H.

    such good writing, I need more..!
    Okay, so if the first book was angst-y then this book is action packed.

    What’s really interesting with this book is being able to see thing from Conall’s POV, so not only are we hit twice with the pain of the separation between Ianthe and Conall, we also have an insight to the Fae world and its ongoings.

    Being able to see things from Conall’s POV makes a world of difference, we are so much immersed in the Fae world, its politics, and we see firsthand the cruelty that can be dished by the Faes.

    “It had been 7 days 8 hours and 23 Fae minutes since I last saw her beautiful face…”

    The longer the separation continues the harder it is for both parties, especially for Ianthe, who are experiencing love for the first time and therefore not 100% secure in their relationship. The longer they are apart, the more doubtful she becomes and insecure in what she means for Conall and his feelings for her. Then there is the whole exile thing and her father and the danger the Fae world represents to her.

    So many mysteries, so many obstacles to overcome, and enemies everywhere. I was literally speed reading, not because I wanted the story to end (because I really wanted it to go on forever), but because I was so curious and I NEEDED to know what happened next.

    I love Paranormal books and I have a special fondness for Fey/Fae stories, they are my favourite. I love how Cathlin stayed true to the represented of Faes, and their portrayal in history and legends. I can’t get enough and I am anxiously waiting for more by this author, her writing style is great and she writes captivating books that hooks you right into their storylines and its characters.

    Oh, one of the things I loved the most about this book besides writing, the story and the characters is the awesome tv show references! My inner nerd is so happy, lol.

    But seriously, such good writing, I need more Cathlin!

    “Becacuse I love her. If anything happens to her, I would be the one devastateed by her loss…”

  3. Karen Henley

    Absolutely Love Return to the Fae. It did not disappoint. I will definitely watch for book 3. Thank you for a great read, Cathlin!!!

  4. Kristann Monaghan

    Fantastic Sequel! An exciting follow up to Ianthe, Return to Fae is full of action and adventure in the Fae Realm. Cathlin Shahriary does a great job showing us more of Ianthe and Conall’s story picking up where the first book ended. I loved the introduction of Callie and her spunky personality (is there going to be a book about Callie?). The dilemma the Ianthe faces and the chance she takes to help Callie is one that can alter her life forever. Pick up this sequel today after reading Ianthe. You will love stepping inside the Fae Realm….just don’t drink the ambrosia.

  5. Maria

    Another great addition to the series. I love seeing Ianthe come into her own and grow so much as a character she’s more comfortable with herself and who she is. I loved and enjoyed seeing more of Conalls prospective and also seeing all the new characters introduced and I cannot wait to see what happens with them next!

  6. Jenna B

    I enjoyed the book immensely. The story is a satisfying sequel to Ianthe. I particularly enjoyed the introduction of Callie, Ianthe’s new best friend, and the introduction of several Fae characters, who I hope will continue to make appearances in this series.

  7. Bonnie V.

    Agaun I found myself engrossed in a delightful story of star crossed lovers from two different worlds. Mrs Shahriary has drawn an engrossing tale of a Fae Realm which overlaps our rather mundane human world. A delightful read for anyone with an imagination & love of fantasy. – Bonnie V.

  8. Nikki

    Much like the first one I couldn’t put it down. I hope there’s a third one in the works. It wasn’t my go-to genre but Shahriary now has me addicted.

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