Book 1 of the Fae Realm series.

Her aunt warned her there were dangerous creatures in the woods. She just didn’t think he was one of them.

All great choices are made with great risks. You must decide for yourself if the consequences are worth the actions you are willing to take… Hang onto your humanity with all you have.

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6 reviews for Fate

  1. Tracey Swafford

    I loved the plot of the storyline. It kept me wanting to read on. It lacked a bit in detail, depth, and excitement. There were times when I was torn on continuing to read or put it down. I did finish. I’m glad I did but the end fell a little flat. I’d like to read on to the next book but honestly it probably won’t be a top of the list read. I do hope the second book is more exciting.

  2. Kayla the Bibliophile

    Y’all, my girl is completely obsessed with this YA series she found at an author event I signed at (I’m a romance author). She finished book 1, which we got her at the signing, so I ordered her the rest of the series. She started book 2 last night 🤣❤️
    Avary turns 10 next month and going into 4th grade. Up until now, she’s had serious reader ADD, bouncing between books. Nothing has ever grabbed her attention like this before. I highly recommend it if you have a kid struggling to enjoy reading!

  3. D.Smith

    I bought this book at a book signing several months ago and decided to read it tonight and I read it in one sitting. I liked her writing style and thought it had a very good storyline. I definitely want to read the next one.

  4. Renee J.

    Of all the fantasy books I have read over the years, I’ve never had the pleasure of reading about Fae creatures. I’m so glad that Fate popped my Fae cherry.

    This story was the perfect blend of suspense, intrigue and great story telling.

    I may have found a vampire replacement. Move over Edward there’s a new blood sucker in town.

  5. Erin

    This was a good start to the series. The concept of the book didn’t blow me away and we predictable at times. I’m interested to see what is to come in the next two books.

  6. Ashlee Lynn

    This was a great book. Awesome world building, I really enjoyed picturing the world and characters in my head. I couldn’t get enough of this story when I was able to read it. I wasn’t able to read it in my normal capacity (a book in a day). This still didn’t stop me from devouring the words when I got the chance to read it. I love the main characters. Conall and Lola (a.k.a. Ianthe) was so heartwarming to read about. Their relationship from the beginning was so sweet and I want more. Lucky for me I was able to get the second book so I can continue the journey. If the second book is as good as the first, I am so stoked. I can’t wait to see what becomes of Ianthe, along with their relationship.

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