The final book (#5) of the Fae Realm series.

Sent on a mission by the Seelie king, Maddock ventures into the Coille. However, the Coille didn’t earn the nickname the Deadly Wood by chance. After a near-fatal attack, Maddock is left depending on the kindness of a stranger to save him.

Enora, an Unseelie healer, sets out on a personal errand to refresh her supply of herbs. Though dangerous, she bravely travels into the Deadly Wood. It should’ve been easy—get in, harvest the plants, get out. Unfortunately for her, an attack by one of the forest’s beasts proves things aren’t simple. Especially when her escape leads the creature to harm an innocent, and she can’t ignore her healer instincts.

Trapped together in a forest intent on killing them, Maddock and Enora quickly learn they only have each other. However, if he discovers her identity, the trust they built may shatter, ruining any prospect of survival.

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