Creatures of the Fae Realms

Many readers are often curious where I got the ideas for the creatures I include in my stories. One of the things I love to do is incorporate traditional folktale and mythological creatures into my stories. After all, Fae themselves as well as the courts of Fae come from traditional folklore. I do believe in giving credit where credit is due. The following shows a list of the different mythological creatures or types of Fae I have researched and incorporated into my version of the Fae Realm using my own take:

Lampir- vampire lore from Bosnia

Quanlier- Cherokee legend of half wolf half man creature

Adjule- a cryptid canine from North Africa near the Sahara Desert

Owl Griffin- not sure where this one originates from, but if you type it into Google images, you won’t be disappointed by the cuteness that fills your screen

Siren- Greek mythology

Stymphalian bird- Greek mythology

Incubus & Succubus- Latin in origin

Goblin- European folklore

Redcap- English & Scottish folklore

Troll- Scandinavian folklore & Norse mythology

al-mi’raj- horned rabbit from medieval Arabic literature

Djinn- Arabic folklore

Pookah- Celtic folklore

Changeling- German & Irish folklore (and probably some other countries as well, this one seemed fairly common)

[Feature image by Ruth Faminu. Source Link}

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